Determination of Sulfur Compounds in Air by Online TD-GC/FPD

Applications | 2017 | PerkinElmerInstrumentation
GC, Thermal desorption
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Application Note 032Analysis of Sulfur Compounds Using On-line andOff‑line TD–GCApplication NoteAbstractThis application note shows how Markes’ TD technology is compatible withtrace‑level sulfur compounds, both in standard mixes and in real-life samples.IntroductionSulfur compounds are associated with unpleasant, pungent odors that arenoticeable...
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Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in aPetroleum Fraction using AgilentJ&W DB-Sulfur SCD GC Column andInert Flow PathApplication NoteEnergy & ChemicalsAuthorAbstractYun Zou and Chunxiao WangSulfur-containing components in gasoline samples were analyzed using an AgilentAgilent Technologies Shanghai LtdInert Flow Path GC/SCD with an...
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An Alternative Application for a HighlyOxygen-Selective Capillary GC PlotColumnApplication NoteHydrocarbonsAuthorsAbstractAlejandro GonzalezThis application note successfully shows selective retention and resolution of lowDCG Partnership I, Ltd.molecular weight sulfur containing species on an Agilent J&W GS-OxyPLOT column.4170A S MainThe selective retention for sulfur...
Key words
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New Specialized GC Columnsfor the Petroleum Industry-Integrated Particle Trap PLOTs-DB-Sulfur SCDDaron DeckerGC Columns Technical SpecialistAgilent Technologies, Inc.October 29, 2013 Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) ColumnsChallenges:Stationary phase particle shedding Detector spikes impacts results"Solid"PorousLayer Changes restriction interferes withinstrument control/tuningFused SilicaTubingAnalysis of gasesHigh vapor...
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