Applying the Technology of the TurboMatrix 650 ATD to the Analysis of Liquid Accelerants in Arson Investigation

Applications | 2008 | PerkinElmerInstrumentation
GC/MSD, Thermal desorption, GC/SQ
Homeland Security
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a p p l i c at i o n N o t eGas ChromatographyUsing Thermal Desorption–Gas Chromatography for theDetection of Fire Accelerantsin Arson ResiduesIntroductionWhen fires occur under suspiciouscircumstances, forensic scientists willnormally examine the fire residue for thepresence of flammable...
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125 Sandy Drive, Newark, Delaware 19713 USAtel: 302-737-4297 fax: 302-737-7781 www.midi-inc.comAutomated Characterization of Compoundsin Fire Debris SamplesApplication Note – Forensics | Fire Debris AnalysisAbstractAn automated software package, Sherlock X, is presented that characterizes hydrocarbon compounds found infire debris samples. Using...
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®The Investigation of Arson Samples byGCxGC-TOFMSLECO Corporation; South Africa• LECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: TOFMS, GCxGC, Forensics1. IntroductionThe crime of arson is a worldwide problem. It is defined asthe willful and malicious burning of a person's property,and can...
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#99aDetection of Accelerants in Arson Residuesusing Thermal Desorption-GC/MSApplication NoteForensicsAuthor:C. ZawodnyWhen arson is suspected with a fire of unknown origin, the remaining residuesare examined for traces of flammable accelerants. Typical accelerants includethe common gasoline, kerosene and diesel, as well as less...
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