Comprehensive Analysis of Drug Residues from a Confiscated Pipe: GC-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry with Chemical Ionization to Facilitate Unknown Identification

Applications | 2013 | LECOInstrumentation
Agilent Technologies, LECO
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Characterization of a Cannabinomimetic Compound inSynthetic Cannabis by Gas Chromatography-HighResolution Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (GC-HRT)LECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKeywords: Gas Chromatography; High Resolution Mass Spectrometry; Forensics; Synthetic Cannabis1. IntroductionSynthetic marijuana-type products have garnered a greatdeal of media attention...
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Spice Wars–Are You Battle Ready? Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids via Gas Chromatography–High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass SpectrometryDavid E. Alonso1, John Rorabeck2, and Joe Binkley1 | 1LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI; 2Berrien County Forensic Laboratory, Berrien Springs, MIIntroductionBackground•Analytical Challenges and The SolutionSince...
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