Comparison of the Analysis of California Lemon Oil: GC-FID vs. GCxGC-FID

Applications | 2007 | LECOInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
Agilent Technologies, LECO
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Comparison of Two Lemon Oils by GC-TOFMS
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®Comparison of Two Lemon Oils byGC-TOFMSP.T. Stevens • LECO Corporation, Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: TOFMS, Quantification, Extended Range Calibration2. Instruments and MethodsIn this study, measurements were made with a LECO Pegasus®HT GC-TOFMS system. This system consists of an Agilent...
Key words
limonene, limonenelemon, lemonterpinene, terpinenepinene, pineneoils, oilscurve, curvepeaks, peakspegasus, pegasusleco, lecocontribution, contributiontofms, tofmstime, timehaving, havingnecessitated, necessitatedtic
®Analysis of Menthol and Peppermint Oil UsingGCxGC-TOFMS with a Chiral Columnin the First DimensionLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GC, GCxGC, TOFMS, Deconvolution, Essential Oils2. Experimental ConditionsSamplesOne percent solutions of (+)-menthol, (-)-menthol, andpeppermint oil were made in ethanol. Aliquots...
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menthol, mentholmenthyl, menthylpeppermint, peppermintgcxgc, gcxgcchiral, chiraldimension, dimensionacetate, acetatepinene, pinenemodulation, modulationbetadexsm, betadexsmarea, areaenantiomers, enantiomerstofms, tofmsoil, oilpercent
Analysis of Terpenesin Cannabis Using theAgilent 7697A/7890B/5977BHeadspace GC-MSD SystemFaster Analysis Time = Greater ProductivityApplication NoteCannabis, FoodAuthorsAbstractRonald Honnold, Robert Kubas, andTerpenes and terpenoids are naturally occurring volatile isoprenes constructedAnthony Macheronefrom a (C 5H8)n building block where n is the number of...
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fid, fidbeta, betaalpha, alpharesponse, responsepinene, pinenemsd, msdcamphene, camphenecaryophyllene, caryophyllenemyrcene, myrceneterpinene, terpineneterpenes, terpenesloop, loopcounts, countsmode, modetemperature
®Analysis of Pesticide Residues in CitrusOils by GCxGC-TOFMS with MinimalSample PreparationLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GCxGC-TOFMS, Classifications, Deconvolution, Quantification, Sample Preparation, Pesticides2. IntroductionCitrus oils are traded internationally and are included inproducts that are traded internationally. These oils arederived...
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citrus, citruspesticides, pesticidesoil, oiloils, oilsgcxgc, gcxgcparathion, parathionbromopropylate, bromopropylatetetradifon, tetradifonpesticide, pesticideppb, ppbmethyl, methylstirifos, stirifoslemon, lemonchlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifosshows