Continuous Monitoring of Dichloromethane in Manufacturing Cooling Water Using CMS5000

Applications | 2017 | INFICONInstrumentation
GC, Purge and Trap
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APPLICATION NOTEContinuous Air Monitoring for BTEX Using aCMS5000 Monitoring SystemINTRODUCTIONEXPERIMENTALBenzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and the three xyleneisomers are collectively referred to as BTEX. Thesesubstances are commonly found in industrialprocesses: burning coal or oil, motor vehicle exhaust,or leaking underground storage tanks. Chronicexposure...
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APPLICATION NOTEAnalysis of 58 Volatile Organic Compounds UsingTwo CMS5000 Monitoring SystemsOVERVIEWThis application note describes the benefits of usingthe fully automated on-site CMS5000 MonitoringSystem to identify and alert users to the presence ofvolatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water systems.Fifty-eight VOCs are...
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Sampling RequirementsOptimization of EPAMethod 325 for the Fast,Accurate and PreciseMonitoring of VOCsAround Oil RefineryFencelinesThere are approximately 140 active petroleum and oil refineriesoperating in the U.S., which have to comply with the newregulations. Method 325A describes two options for determiningthe passive...
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APPLICATION NOTE 10706Completely cryogen-free monitoring of ozone precursors,air toxics, and oxygenated volatile organic compounds inambient air in a single runAuthorsJane Cooper,1 Laura Miles,2 andNatasha D. Spadafora2Thermo Fisher Scientific,Runcorn, UK; 2Markes InternationalLtd., Llantrisant, UK1KeywordsGas chromatography, GC, singlequadrupole mass spectrometer, FID,flame ionization...
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