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APPLICATION NOTERapid Analysis of Natural Gas Composition Using aSingle Module Micro GC Fusion®INTRODUCTIONEXPERIMENTALRapid and precise analysis of the chemicalcomposition and physical properties of natural gas iscritical for natural gas producers, gatherers, and gasdistribution companies for custody transfer. In addition,natural gas...
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APPLICATION NOTERefinery Gas Analysis usingMicro GC Fusion® Gas AnalyzerOVERVIEWThis application note describes the advantages ofusing Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer to analyzerefinery gases. Simplified operation and acceleratedanalysis offered by the instrument significantly increaseanalysis throughput and operation efficiency.INTRODUCTIONEach GC module's temperature...
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Application NoteEnergy and ChemicalsFast Analysis of Natural GasUsing the Agilent 990 Micro GCNatural Gas AnalyzerAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionNatural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarilyof methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other hydrocarbons suchas ethane, propane,...
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Analysis of Gas Liquids by GPA 2186
2013|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Analysis of Gas Liquids by GPA 2186Application NoteEnergy & ChemicalAuthorAbstractBrandt HutchisonThis application note discusses the analysis of heavier hydrocarbons that areSME Coordinatorremoved from natural gas and are known as natural gas liquids (NGLs).Mid-America PipelineEnterprise ProductsHobbs LabsIntroductionNatural gas is a naturally...
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