Low Level PPB Detection of 19 VOCs in WaterUsing the CMS5000 Monitoring System

Applications | 2009 | INFICONInstrumentation
GC, Purge and Trap
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APPLICATION NOTEAnalysis of 58 Volatile Organic Compounds UsingTwo CMS5000 Monitoring SystemsOVERVIEWThis application note describes the benefits of usingthe fully automated on-site CMS5000 MonitoringSystem to identify and alert users to the presence ofvolatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water systems.Fifty-eight VOCs are...
Key words
butylbenzene, butylbenzenevocs, vocsxylene, xylenepropylbenzene, propylbenzenemtbe, mtbemaid, maiddrinking, drinkingnation, nationmonitor, monitorchloride, chloridecalibration, calibrationcompound, compoundcoeluted, coelutedwater, waterconcentration
APPLICATION NOTE 65632Routine analysis of volatile organic compoundsin drinking water with ISQ 7000 GC-MSAuthors: Adam Ladak1, David Lee2,and Amy Nutter31Thermo Fisher Scientific, Groton, MA, USA2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, UK3Teledyne Tekmar, Mason, OH, USAKeywords: EPA 524.2, VOCs, drinking water,trace analysis, gas...
Key words
temp, tempbake, bakepurge, purgerinse, rinseprecision, precisionsurr, surrmethanol, methanolwater, waterdesorb, desorbsweep, sweeproutine, routinechloride, chloridebutylbenzene, butylbenzeneether, ethermethacrylate
Application note | 000525Environmental analysisUninterrupted analysis of volatile organic compounds indrinking water using single quadrupole GC-MSAuthorsGoalAdam Ladak1, Terry Jeffers1,Demonstration of a routine analytical method that meets the requirements outlined inand Amy NutterU.S. EPA Method 524.2 for the quantitation of volatile...
Key words
bake, bakebutylbenzene, butylbenzenebutylether, butyletherpurge, purgetert, tertmethyl, methylprecision, precisionrinse, rinsesweep, sweepchloride, chloriderrf, rrfdibromomethane, dibromomethanemdl, mdlbromochloromethane, bromochloromethanemethacrylate
APPLICATION NOTE000377Analysis of volatile organic compounds insoil using purge and trap coupled to singlequadrupole GC-MSAuthors: Terry Jeffers1, Adam Ladak2,and Amy Nutter3Thermo Fisher Scientific, USAThermo Fisher Scientific, UK3Teledyne Tekmar, Mason, OH, USA12Keywords: ISQ 7610 MS, TRACE 1610 GC,GC-MS, HJ 605, U.S....
Key words
purge, purgexyz, xyzatomx, atomxbutylbenzene, butylbenzenemdl, mdltetrachloroethylene, tetrachloroethylenetrichloroethene, trichloroethenedibromochloromethane, dibromochloromethanebromodichloromethane, bromodichloromethaneprecision, precisionbromoform, bromoformdesorb, desorbvariable, variablecarbon, carbonsweep