Single Magnet Mixer

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Single Magnet Mixer
|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
CHROMTECHTech Note 1Single Magnet MixerThe new Single Magnet Mixer (SMM) was tested for reproducibility on SPME applications. The system isdesigned to avoid aggressive handling with the SPME fiber. Equilibrium is reached with stirring instead ofshaking. This protects the fiber on...
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Application NoteWater AnalysisAnalysis of BTEX in Water with aCAR(WR)/PDMS 95 µm SPME FiberAuthorJessica WestlandAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThe CAR(WR)/PDMS 95 µm SPME fiber was selected for the analysis of BTEX andMTBE in drinking water due to its selectivity for gases and low...
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ITEX Dynamic Headspace Powerful Sample Enrichment for GC
2015|CTC Analytics|Brochures and specifications
ITEX Dynamic HeadspacePowerful Sample Enrichment for GC ITEX (In-tube extraction)Dynamic Headspace ToolPurge & Trap (P&T)sensitivity without thepitfalls of P&T Systems– Rapid and efficient enrichment of volatileand semi-volatile compounds from solid,liquid and gaseous samples– In-tube extraction and thermal desorptionusing industry standard adsorbents–...
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Application note | 001199Environmental analysisDetermination of BTEX and volatile organic compounds(VOCs) in drinking water by GC-MS/MS coupled to staticheadspace and solid-phase microextraction samplingAuthorsGoalLorenzo Piacentini , Chiara Guerrieri ,The aim of this application note is to report the analytical performance of...
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