Zebron ZB-5MSPLUS™

Brochures and specifications | 2015 | PhenomenexInstrumentation
GC columns, Consumables
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Zebron PLUSGC ColumnsImproved Inertness, Better Peak Shape,Low Bleed, and Aqueous Stability™G C C o lu mnsZB-1plusZB-5plusZB-5MSplusZB-624plusZB-WAXplus™™™™™PLUSwww.phenomenex.com/GCplus Exceptionally Versatile GC phasesPLUSExceptional InertnessReduced BleedImproved Peak ShapeAqueous StabilityZebron™ PLUS Selection TablePOLARITY5881352ZB-1plus™PhenomenexTEMP. LIMITS(Isothermal/TPGC)GC-MSCERTIFIED100 % Dimethylpolysiloxane-60 to 360/370 °C✔Low bleed phase for non-polar compoundsZB-5plus™Versatile, low bleed,...
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3 Ways To Choose All GC 5 Phases Are Not The Same!
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3 Ways To ChooseAll GC 5 Phases Are Not The Same!• ZB-5• ZB-5MSi• ZB-5HT Inferno™• ZB-5ms• ZB-5MSPLUS™• ZB-SemiVolatileswww.phenomenex.com/5Phase Choosing Your 5 Phase Is EasyUse the NEW GC Column Finder web app for easy column selection in under 1 minute!Find The Way...
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ZB-SemiVolatiles with Enviro-Inert™ Technology
2014|Phenomenex|Brochures and specifications
™ZB-SemiVolatileswith Enviro-Inert™ TechnologyThis column has REDUCEDTestAmerica’s DOWNTIME andINCREASED our PRODUCTIVITY““— TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc. Buffalowww.phenomenex.com/GC Introducing the Zebron™ ExperienceGet More Than Just A ColumnWhen you choose Zebron, you get more than just high qualityGC products. Choosing Zebron means you get access to...
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Phenomenex ZB-624PLUS
2018|Phenomenex|Brochures and specifications
ZB-624PLUS™• Enhanced PeakShape with SuperiorDeactivation• Increased Sensitivityfor High BoilingSolvents• Extremely Low Bleedfor GC-MS• High TemperatureStability (300/320 °C)The Next Generation ofGC Inertnesswww.phenomenex.com/zb624plus Get to Know the Zebron™ GC Column Family!Zebron GC columns are engineered by expert PhenomenexGC scientists to better support our...
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