Improved Blood Alcohol Analysis by Resolution of Propanal from Ethanol Using Two Unique GC Column Phases, Zebron™ ZB-BAC1 and ZB-BAC2

Applications | 2010 | PhenomenexInstrumentation
GC, HeadSpace, GC columns, Consumables
Agilent Technologies, Phenomenex, HTA
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TN-2041APPLICATIONSCritical Factors in Selecting an Internal Standard for Accurate Determination ofBlood Alcohols in Post Mortem SamplesSky Countryman, Kory Kelly, and Christopher FernandezPhenomenex, Inc., 411 Madrid Ave., Torrance, CA 90501 USAThough use of n-Propanol as an internal standard for GC bloodalcohol...
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TN-2036APPLICATIONSImproved Separation of Blood Alcohols Using Zebron™ ZB-BAC1 and BAC2GC ColumnsChris Fernandez, Kory Kelly, and Sky CountrymanPhenomenex, Inc., 411 Madrid Ave.Torrance, CA, 90501 USAThe Zebron ZB-BAC1 and ZB-BAC2 GC columns provide extremely reproducible and quantitative analysis of the blood alcohols....
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Application NoteForensicsBlood Alcohol Analysis with theIntegrated Agilent 8697 HeadspaceSampler on 8890 GC-Dual FID SystemAuthorAbbey FausettAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractLegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for operating motor vehicles varyaround the globe, with many countries setting intoxication levels at either 0.05or 0.08%. The...
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Application NoteForensicsAnalysis of Blood Alcohol Contentwith the 120-Vial Agilent 8697Headspace Sampler -XL Tray andDual-FID Agilent 8890 GC SystemAuthorAbstractScott HoyAgilent Technologies, Inc.Blood alcohol content (BAC) testing is an important methodology for forensiclaboratories around the world. While the legal ethanol limit for...
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