Distilled Spirit Analysis using the New 100 % Aqueous Stable Zebron™ ZB-WAXplus

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™GC Col um n sTake Your Food Testingto the Next LevelUsing Zebron GC ColumnsFeaturing•Pesticides•FAMEs•Essential Oils•Flavors•And more…..www.phenomenex.com/FoodGC Pesticide Screening by GC-MS1713-15457112 pesticidesin a single run!94,9512App ID 161849692,9397896-73512885556109 111012141618999010810410710310210054531610598882022249126106101283032Column:Dimensions:Part No.:Injection:Recommended Liner:Liner Part No.:110,111109Septum:Inlet Seal:Carrier Gas:112min34Oven Program:Detector:Sample:See entire analyte list and technical note at:...
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Zebron ZB-WAXPLUS™ - Breaking The Mold For WAX GC Columns
2016|Phenomenex|Brochures and specifications
ZB-WAXPLUS™Breaking The Mold For WAX GC Columns• 100 % aqueous stability• Enhanced resolution• Better reproducibilitywww.phenomenex.com/WAXplus Introducing theBOLDER Side of GCDesigned to move beyond the conventional to the exceptional, Zebron GC columns come to lifethrough a coupling of innovative spirit and a...
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