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Chromatography Guide forEnvironmental Testing Our Commitment to Environmental TestingIn recent years, there has been a rapid, worldwide increase in environmental testing.The sudden emergence of hybrid vehicles and the recent trend towards biofuels highlight the growingconcern for environmental pollutants. As the focus...
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Analyzing Fats and Oils by GC
Analyzing Fatsand Oils by GC Your Analysis ofOils and Fats!Edible oils and fats are among the most abundant cooking ingredientsin the world, and are an important part of a healthy balanced diet—especially if they are high in omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated...
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Fast, Accurate Environmental Testing - Using Zebron GC Columns
2017|Phenomenex|Brochures and specifications
GC C o lu mn sFast, AccurateEnvironmental TestingUsing Zebron GC ColumnsFeaturing• Pesticides• Diesel Range Organics• Semivolatiles• Dioxane• And more… Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds137 Analytesin 16 minsColumn: Zebron™ ZB-SemiVolatilesDimensions: 30 meter x 0.25 mm x 0.25 µmPart No.: 7HG-G027-11Injection: Split 10:1 @ 280...
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Chemical Industry LC & GC Separation Solutions Guide
2020|Phenomenex|Brochures and specifications
ChemicalIndustryLC & GC Separation Solutions GuidePetroleum OilsCommodity andSpecialty ChemicalsCarbohydratesand SaccharidesHighpH ConditionsLowpH Conditions GreatProductscome fromGreatPeoplewith aGreatPurposeAt our core, Phenomenex is a separation science company that creates uniquetechnologies to provide solutions for our customers.In this guide you will find key separation solutions for...
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