ZB-FAME The Fast FAME GC Column

Brochures and specifications | 2017 | PhenomenexInstrumentation
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Food & Agriculture
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TN-2069APPLICATIONSTimothy AndersonGC Product ManagerTim was raised in Texaswhere it was completely toohot, then moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio where it wasentirely too cold. He finallysettled on California wherethe weather is just right.37 FAMEs including Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids,by GC-FID...
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TN-2063APPLICATIONSTimothy AndersonGC Product ManagerQuick, Accurate Testing of FAMEs in Olive Oilby GC/FID Using a Zebron™ ZB-FAME GC ColumnTim was raised in Texas whereit was completely too hot, thenmoved to Pennsylvania and Ohiowhere it was entirely too cold. Hefinally settled on...
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Analyzing Fats and Oils by GC
Analyzing Fatsand Oils by GC Your Analysis ofOils and Fats!Edible oils and fats are among the most abundant cooking ingredientsin the world, and are an important part of a healthy balanced diet—especially if they are high in omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated...
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™GC Col um n sTake Your Food Testingto the Next LevelUsing Zebron GC ColumnsFeaturing•Pesticides•FAMEs•Essential Oils•Flavors•And more…..www.phenomenex.com/FoodGC Pesticide Screening by GC-MS1713-15457112 pesticidesin a single run!94,9512App ID 161849692,9397896-73512885556109 111012141618999010810410710310210054531610598882022249126106101283032Column:Dimensions:Part No.:Injection:Recommended Liner:Liner Part No.:110,111109Septum:Inlet Seal:Carrier Gas:112min34Oven Program:Detector:Sample:See entire analyte list and technical note at:...
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