Air Monitoring Sorbent Pens™ (Pat. Pend.) For Environmental & IH Applications

Brochures and specifications | 2020 | ENTECHInstrumentation
Thermal desorption, Consumables
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The Combination of 3 New Sampling Techniques Paired with GCMSfor Determination of Uptake Rates and Accurate Monitoring of SVOCEndocrine Disruptors in Indoor AirApplication Note:A-3742-02AuthorsDaniel B. CardinVictoria L. NoadEntech InstrumentsSimi Valley, CA 93065OverviewA novel approach for the quantitative passivesampling of semi-volatile...
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Chemical Profiling of Cannabis Infused Products using Solvent-FreeHeadspace Extraction and Thermal Desorption GC-MSOverviewA solvent free headspace extraction approach – vacuum assisted sorbent extraction (VASE) – is appliedin combination with thermal desorption (TD)-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to examinethe chemical composition of...
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5800 Sorbent Pen™ Desorption Unit
2020|ENTECH|Brochures and specifications
5800 Sorbent Pen™ Desorption UnitCompatibility• Compatible with Agilent®, Thermo Scientific®, andShimadzu® GC/GCMS systemsGCGC OvenColumn 1MSTemperature Programming• Two temperature desorption setpoints• Heating rates up to 450 °C/min• Initial temperature 50-350 °C• First desorb temperature 50-350 °C• Second desorb temperature 50-350 °C•...
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Sorbent Pens™(Pat. Pend.)For Next GenerationHeadspace AnalysisSORBENT PENS™FOR NEXT GENERATIONHeadspace Analysis Headspace Sorbent Pens™ The Ultimate Extraction PowerIntroducing Entech’s exciting new Sorbent Pen™ technology. The most versatile extraction and samplepreconcentration technology available for GC and GCMS. Sorbent Pens™ combine the features of...
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