Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds Using US EPA Method TO-17 by Automated Cryogen-free Thermal Desorption

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GC/MSD, Thermal desorption, GC/SQ
Agilent Technologies, CDS Analytical
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#208Analysis of Volatile Organic Compoundsin Soil Sample by EPA Method 8260 using CDS 7000CDynamic Headspace ModuleApplication NoteEnvironmentalAuthor:Xiaohui XangAbstractThe CDS 7000C is the industry’s first Purge and Trap concentrator seamlesslyintegrated with the PAL system. This application note demonstrated the analyticalperformance of...
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Application Note 081Innovative Cryogen-Free AmbientAir Monitoring in Compliance withUS EPA Method TO-15Application NoteEnvironmental, Canister, TO-15, Air Monitoring, Air ToxicsAbstractThis application note describes the GC/MS analysis of humidified canister airtoxics samples at various relative humidities, using cryogen-free systems forthermal desorption preconcentration....
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kori, koricanister, canisterabundance, abundanceair, aircia, ciarrf, rrfcanisters, canistersretention, retentionsampling, samplingmin, minxylene, xylenevinyl, vinylnaphthalene, naphthalenepropene, propenewater
Thermal Desorption Technical SupportNote 99: Using the CIA Advantage for automated cryogen-freeanalysis of canister air and gasKey Words:Canisters, US EPA Method TO-15, ozone precursors, air toxics, greenhouse gasesSummaryThe CIA Advantage is an advanced system for theautomated analysis of VOCs in...
Key words
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#196Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds Using SorbentTubes by Automated Cryogen-free Thermal DesorptionUsing US EPA Method TO-17Application NoteEnvironmentalAuthor:Xiaohui ZhangAbstractThis Application Note demonstrates the analytical performance of a CDS 7550Sthermal desorber coupled to a GCMS for the analysis of TO-17 volatile organiccompounds...
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