Quantitative Analysis of Copolymers using a Pyroprobe

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GC/MSD, Pyrolysis
Materials Testing
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#193Polymer Analysis using the Pyroprobe 6000 Series coupled with GC-MSApplication NoteGeneral InterestAuthors:AbstractThis application note demonstrates the capabilities of the CDS 6000 Series Pyroprobe.Tom WamplerKaren SamIntroductionThe latest version of the Pyroprobe from CDS Analytical includes easier samplepreparation and introduction with the...
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Solving Analytical Problems®®using MultifunctionalPyrolyzerMulti-functionalVersionVersion 1.31.3- Polymer processing- Forensic- Energy- Additives- Coatings- Elastomers- Adhesives- Inks and paints- Paper and fibers- Consumer products- Environmental- Weatherability testswww.frontier-lab.comwww.frontier-lab.com Analytical Problems and Frontier-Based Solutions - continues to next pageA. Polymer processingC. EnergyA-1 Analysis of polymerization reagents...
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#80aPyrolysis of Rubber with Antioxidant 6-PPDApplication NoteRubber & AdhesiveAuthor:T. WamplerRubber products are complex polymeric materials which generally include copolymers, fillers, antioxidants, plasticisers and other additives. Automobile tirerubbers are good examples, since they usually contain significant amounts ofcarbon black, hydrocarbon oil...
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#213Quantitative Analysis of Low Levels of Methyl Methacrylatein a CopolymerApplication NoteGeneral InterestAbstractAuthor:Karen SamQuantitative analysis of poly(methyl methacrylate) contamination with a calibration curve.IntroductionWhen a material is made using several different monomers, like a styrene/butadienerubber, ethylene/propylene copolymer or a latex paint, pyrolysis-GC/MS...
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