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Material Characterization of 3D PrintingPolymers Using Pyrolysis-GC/MSFRONTIER LAB Why Pyrolysis GC/MS?Manufacturers are always seeking new technologies anddevelopments that increase production efficiency and thequality of the produced parts.Many analytical protocols used to analyze 3D printing and coatingcomponents require multi-step sample preparation prior...
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CDS 6000 Series Pyroprobe
2018|CDS Analytical|Brochures and specifications
YearInnovationCDS 6000 Series Pyroprobe•Thermal GC Injection Systems for Pyrolysis,Thermal Desorption, Dynamic Headspace, andEvolved Gas465 Limestone Road, Oxford, PA 19363-0277, USATel: 800-541-6593 Fax: CDS AIntroductionCDS Analytical is celebrating its 50th anniversary. CDS Analytical was founded by Dr. Eugene Levyin Nottingham, PA...
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Frontier Lab Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer ® EGA/PY-3030D
|Frontier Lab|Brochures and specifications
Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer ®EGA/PY-3030DFlexibleVersatileReproducible Why Evolved Gas Analysis?Why Pyrolysis?Today, analytical pyrolysis encompasses much morethan simple flash pyrolysis of polymeric materials.Virtually any material (liquid or solid) can becharacterized using an array of techniques, whichare designed into a modern day, Multi-FunctionalPyrolysis System. Consider how...
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C146-E433A Guide to GCMS Sample Introduction Systems:Choosing the best system for your analysis APPLIC ATIONS OF GAS CHROMATOGR APHYOil, Gas & ChemicalAnalysis of sulfur,inorganic gases &light hydrocarbonsEnvironmental TestingFlavor & FragranceAnalysis of aromatics in perfume, wineand coffeeAnalysis of volatileenvironmentalpollutantsPharmaceuticalsForensic ToxicologyImpurities &residual solventanalysisSteroid...
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