Quantitative screening of possible migrants from paperboard packaging material by solid-phase micro extraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryBackgroundPlastics————————Regulation in the USARegulation in JapanEU regulationsCouncil of Europe resolutionsEuropean Reference Laboratory(EURL)Rapid alert system for food & feed(RASFF)Analytical approaches to identifypackaging and measure migrationIdentification by FTIRIdentification of potential migrantsin plastics by DART-MSExtraction of plastics and otherfood contact...
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Katerina Bousova,1 Michal Godula,2 Michele Suman3Thermo Fisher Scientific, Special Solutions Center Europe, Dreieich, Germany2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Prague, Czech Republic3Barilla Food Research Labs, Parma, Italy1KeywordsFood Safety, Gas Chromatography, GC-MS/MS, Leachables,Packaging, Migration Contaminants, Solid Phase Microextraction,SPME, Triple QuadrupoleGoalTo accurately determine presence of...
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Quantitative screening of possible migrants from paperboard packaging material bysolid-phase micro extraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometryKaterina Bousovaa, Michal Godulaa, Michele Sumanba Thermo Fisher Scientific, Food Safety Response Centre, Dreieich, Germanyb Barilla Food Research Labs, via Mantova 166 - 43122...
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