The European Water Framework Directive Thermo Scientific Environmental Solutions Reference Guide

Guides | 2015 | Thermo Fischer ScientificInstrumentation
Thermo Fischer Scientific
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Application Compendium for Environmental Testing
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Application Compendium for Environmental TestingACHIEVE RELIABLE,ROBUST, AND ACCURATEENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS CONFIDENTLY MEASURE ORGANIC ANDINORGANIC CHEMICALS IN AIR, SOIL, AND WATERAs part of their monitoring programs, environmental regulatory agencies requirereporting of the types and concentrations of organic and inorganic compoundsdischarged into air and...
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Thermo Scientific Water AnalysisCompliance and WorkflowsEuropean Water Framework Directive2013/39/EU An introduction to the2013/39/EU DirectiveMany chemicals produced by human industrial activities have a negative impact on the aquaticenvironment, even at extremely low concentrations. Some very hydrophobic substancesaccumulate in biota and are therefore not...
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Analytical solutions:Meeting the requirements of USand European water standards ForewardThe quality of the water in our rivers, lakes and seas is of significant concern for both the organisms that inhabit theseenvironments and those that rely on it as a water source...
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Table of ContentsPersistent Organic Pollutants1. POPs: What are POPsand why do we need totalk about them?2. Introduction of classifiedPOPs3. Regulations and analyticalmethods4. Future trends andrecommendationsNotable linksPersistent Organic Pollutants in Foodand the EnvironmentOverview of regulations, analysis and trends Foreward by Heidelore FiedlerTable...
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