GC Column Cutting Mini Guide

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GC Column Cutting Mini Guide
2013|Thermo Fischer Scientific|Guides
Peter Morgan, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, Cheshire, UKTe ch ni cal N ote 2 0 7 7 8GC Column Cutting Mini GuideKey WordsColumn cutting, metal columnsAbstractKnowing how to cut a GC column is an essential skill that all GC operatorsmust...
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Ceramic Scoring Wafer
Ceramic Scoring Wafercat.# 20116The square alumina scoring wafer has four straight scoring edges for fused silica tubing and four serrated edges for metal MXT®tubing. The serrated edge can be identified by running your fingernail across the edge of the wafer....
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Back to Basics: Installation,Care, and Maintenance ofGC ColumnsMark Sinnott and Ryan BirneyApplication EngineersJuly 21, 20221July 21, 2022Back to Basics: Installation, Care, and Maintenance of GC ColumnsDE19975187 Agenda•Unboxing / “getting to know your column”•Install the column•Preventive measures•Corrective measures•Latest instrument developments• 8890 /...
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Better Connections, Better Resultswith Your Agilent GC SystemGC inlet resource guide Here’s What’s InsideIntroductionSeptaTroubleshootingOrdering InformationFerrulesTroubleshootingOrdering Information234478913Column NutsOrdering InformationLiners1415TroubleshootingOrdering Information162022Inlet Parts and Supplies23 There’s More to Agilent Instruments,Parts, and Consumables Than aSuperior ProductYou also get more than half a century of knowledge and...
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