EPRW: Confident analysis of ultra-trace pesticides residues in baby food using GC- triple quadrupole MS

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APPLICATION NOTE 10586Ultra low level quantification of pesticides inbaby foods using an advanced triple quadrupoleGC-MS/MS systemAuthorsRichard Law, Aaron Lamb, PaulSilcock, and Cristian CojocariuThermo Fisher Scientific,Runcorn, UKGoalThe aim of the study was to assess the quantitative performance of theThermo Scientific™ TSQ™...
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Application note | 000437Food safetyConfident analysis of ultra-trace pesticides residues in babyfood using triple quadrupole GC-MSAuthorsGoalFrancisco José Díaz-Galiano ,The aim of this application note is to demonstrate the performance of theGuillermo Garcia Gallego1,Thermo Scientific™ TSQ™ 9610 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer...
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Confident analysis of ultra-trace pesticides residues in baby food using triple quadrupole GCAndy Fornadel1,Adam Ladak2, Giulia Riccardino3, Lori Dolata1, Paul Silcock2 and Daniel Kutscher41Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA, 2 Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK, 3 Thermo Fisher Scientific, IT, 4 Thermo Fisher...
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