Pyrolysis Autosampling Reproducibility

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GC, Pyrolysis
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FIELDAPPLICATIONREPORTGAS CHROMATOGRAPH YPolymer Degradation Mechanismsu s i n g P y r o l y s i s- G C / M SAuthor:Thomas WamplerCDS Analytical, Inc.465 Limestone RoadOxford , PA 19363-0277IntroductionThe use of analytical pyrolysis 1 with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry...
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Pyrolysis-GC of High and Low Density Polyethylene
|Agilent Technologies|Applications
#58APPLICATIONS INFORMATION USING ADVANCED SAMPLE HANDLING TECHNOLOGYPyrolysis-GC of High and Low Density PolyethyleneAbundancePolyethylene, whether high density (HDPE) orC10low density (LDPE) is essentially a very longC14hydrocarbon molecule. Pyrolysis of PE produces shorter hydrocarbons, mostly normal alkanes, alkenes and dienes, which may...
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Quantitation of Ethylene/Propylene Copolymers
|Agilent Technologies|Applications
#60APPLICATIONS INFORMATION USING ADVANCED SAMPLE HANDLING TECHNOLOGYQuantitation of Ethylene/Propylene CopolymersUnder pyrolysis conditions, polyolefins degradeby random scission to produce a chromatogramwith a characteristic repeating pattern of oligomeric fragments. Thus polyethylene (Figure 1,bottom) shows a pattern of normal hydrocarbons,while polypropylene (Figure 1,...
Key words
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#153aolutionsPyrolysis of Polyethylene in Five AtmospheresApplication NotePyrolysisAPPLICATIONS INFORMATION USING ADVANCED SAMPLE HANDLING TECHNOLOGYPyrolysis of Polyethylene in Five AtmospheresAuthor:T. WamplerAnalytical pyrolysis is generally performed in a vacuum or an inert gas, usuallythe pyrolysisin hydrogenthe carriergas isofgenerallya GC/MS.Underconditions,the polymeris resultssplit toinAnalyticalpyrolysisperformedin a...
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