Design of Experiment (DoE) and GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS): a match made in heaven

Applications, Technical notes | 2017 | AnatuneInstrumentation
GC/MSD, Sample Preparation, GC/SQ
Agilent Technologies, GERSTEL, Anatune
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Chromatography Technical Note No AS175A fully automated offline solution for the analysis of amino acids by GC-MSCamilla Liscio, Nathan Hawkins, Anatune Ltd., Girton, Cambridgeshire, UK.Introductiondetermination in limited volume samples (e.g., dried blood spots or rodentplasma).Amino acids are both key metabolites...
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The Power of Low Energy EI Ionisation in GC/Q-TOF MS
2018|Agilent Technologies|Technical notes
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