Analysis of Dithiocarbamate Pesticides by GC-MS

Applications | 2012 | Thermo Fischer ScientificInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
Thermo Fischer Scientific
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Analysis of Dithiocarbamate Pesticides by GC-MS
2012|Thermo Fischer Scientific|Applications
Soma Dasgupta1,2, Sumaiyya Mujawar1, Kaushik Banerjee1, Hans-Joachim Huebschmann31National Research Center for Grapes, Pune, India, 2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mumbai, India,3Thermo Fisher Scientific, SingaporeTechniApplcali catSuppoi o n N ortteN1o0t3e-03 30 0Analysis of Dithiocarbamate Pesticides byGC-MSKeywords: Food safety, Dithiocarbamate fungicides, DTCs, Hydrolysis,Thiram, GC-MS,...
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