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GC & GC/MS webinars Week 14/2022

Su, 3.4.2022
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This week 10 GC & GC/MS webinars: Sustainability in GC & GC/MSD, Empower, Digitalization, GC troubleshooting, Impurities in Pharma, Pesticides, miniGC, Real-Time MS, Food, OpenLab.
LabRulez: GC & GC/MS webinars Week 14/2022

LabRulez: GC & GC/MS webinars Week 14/2022

In the week from April 4, 2022, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GC/MS.


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1. Agilent Technologies: Sustainable GCMS - This is how you GC!
  • Mo, 4.4.2022, 10:00 (CEST - Prague)

What is sustainability? And how does it apply to Analytical Instruments, like your Agilent GCMSD?

2. Waters Corporation: Empower LMS Live Webinar
  • Tu, 5.4.2022, 09:00 (CEST - Prague)

Empower LMS provides you with a single user CDS, SDMS, and LMS interface resulting in elevated control and productivity in your lab

3. ACD/Labs: Digitalization of Analytical Workflows: Strategies for Success
  • Tu, 5.4.2022, 16:00 (CEST - Prague)

In this first webinar of the series, we will share practical strategies for the digital transformation of analytical data.

4. SelectScience/Phenomenex: GC troubleshooting tips and tricks from inlet through to detection
  • Tu, 5.4.2022, 17:00 (CEST - Prague)

In this webinar, Dr. Ramkumar Dhandapani, global product manager of gas chromatography at Phenomenex, will walk you through a systematic approach to identify, resolve, and prevent GC-related problems.

5. Separation Science/VUV Analytics: Detection and Quantification Challenges of Trace Level Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products - Mutagenic Nitrosamines and Beyond
  • We, 6.4.2022, 11:00 (CEST - Prague)

Separation Science & VUV Analytics offers a discussion forum covering the risk assessment and analytical challenges of detection and quantification of trace level impurities in pharmaceutical products.

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Pesticide residues analysis by GC-MS
  • We, 6.4.2022, 11:00 (CEST - Prague)

Webinar will cover 3 topics: Automation utilizing RSH SMART technology, The future in GC-MS/MS analysis and will show relevant data on different matrices for Ethylene oxide analysis.

7. CEM Corporation/Lucidity: Wednesday Webinars on Separation Solutions
  • We, 6.4.2022, 17:00 (CEST - Prague)

Webinars Topics: 1. Utilizing Compact, Integrated Chromatographic Instrumentation for Pharma, 2. Training the next generation of chromatographers using Lucidity miniGC in the research and teaching laboratories.

8. Quantum Analytics: Gas Analysis in Real-Time by MS
  • We, 6.4.2022, 20:00 (CEST - Prague)

It’s time to take your engineering experiments to the next level with the power of “real-time”. Discover gas analysis in real-time by mass spectrometry.

9. SelectScience/Thermo Fisher Scientific: Measuring migration from food contact materials (Emerging trends and future directions in food testing)
  • Th, 7.4.2022, 17:00 (CEST - Prague)

In this SelectScience® roundtable webinar series, we bring together leading experts in the fields of pesticides analysis, mycotoxin testing and food contact materials characterization.

10. Agilent Technologies: OpenLab CDS UV Spectral & Peak Purity - How to Perform 3D data analysis for compound & UV purity confirmation
  • Fr, 8.4.2022, 11:30 (CEST - Prague)

In this session, we will talk about 3D data analysis features available in OpenLab CDS.

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