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Clarity newly controls Nexis, Shimadzu's premier gas chromatograph GC-2030

Th, 16.9.2021
| Original article from: DataApex/Clarity
DataApex Clarity Chromatography Software now allows full control of Shimadzu's flagship gas chromatographs, the Nexis GC-2030.
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Clarity Chromatography Software has a new addition. The new driver for Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 is part of the large family of directly controlled instruments.

Users can newly control all GC-2030 parameters directly from the software. You will find all details on its product's web page. You can also download a Clarity Shimadzu Edition demo version and preview Clarity functionality. Clarity Shimadzu Edition is available only in Europe.

Clarity - Shimadzu Edition DEMO version
  • Preview all Clarity - Shimadzu Edition functions
  • Experience the look and feel of working with Clarity - Shimadzu Edition
  • Data acquisition simulated from a data file
  • Demo data for data processing
  • All controlled instruments available in demo mode

DataApex Clarity is a general-purpose chromatography software. Clarity can control 900+ different instruments (including Agilent, Hitachi, PerkinElmer, etc.) from one environment.

It is a solution for the latest instrumentation and also for legacy instruments that can be connected via A/D converters. Software is modular; users can expand software by optional SW extensions that support various applications such as PDA/MS/GPC/SST etc. Clarity is multilingual; users can switch between English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, and German.

DataApex: Clarity Chromatography Software for direct control of the Shimadzu's premier gas chromatograph Nexis GC-2030

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