Monitor Sulfur Compounds In Petroleum Chemical, Environmental, and Other Samples, Using a Special-Purpose Capillary GC Column

Guides | 1998 | MerckInstrumentation
GC, GC columns, Consumables
Environmental, Energy & Chemicals
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Supelco Capillary GC Columns
1999|Merck|Technical notes
Bulletin 875CSupelco Capillary GC ColumnsChemical structures, polarities, operating temperatureranges, and chemical compatibilities of Supelco™ generalpurpose capillary GC columns and columns for specificclinical, environmental, food/beverage, and petroleum/chemical applications are summarized in this bulletin. Thisinformation should simplify the process of choosing the...
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595 North Harrison RoadBellefonte, PA 16823-0048 USATelephone 800-247-6628 ● 814-359-3441Fax 800-447-3044 ● 814-359-3044email: [email protected]/supelcoBulletin 858DPetroleum/Chemicals Application GuideThis guide contains up-to-date information aboutSupelco products and technology for separating hydrocarbons by chromatographic methods.Key Words● petroleum● PIANO● ASTM●●●chemicalsPONAPetrocol●●Detailed Hydrocarbons AnalysesNonpolar 50-Meter Capillary Column...
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A Comparison of Sulfur Selective Detectorsfor Low Level Analysis in Gaseous StreamsApplicationGas ChromatographyAuthorsRoger L. FirorAgilent Technologies, Inc.2850 Centerville RoadWilmington, DE 19808-1610USABruce D. QuimbyAgilent Technologies, Inc.2850 Centerville RoadWilmington, DE 19808-1610USAAbstractA comparison of four selective detectors for analysis ofsingle-digit ppb level sulfur...
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Dual Plasma Sulfur and Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detectors
2006|Agilent Technologies|Brochures and specifications
Dual Plasma Sulfur and NitrogenChemiluminescence DetectorsUnsurpassed Stability, Selectivity, andSensitivity for your GC Analysis Now with New Dual Plasma TechnologyOverviewDual Plasma TechnologyThe Agilent Technologies Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (355 SCD)and Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector (255 NCD) are the world’smost sensitive and selective chromatographic detectors...
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