Measuring Trihalogenmethanes (THM) in air of swimming halls using a thermal desorption system

Applications | 2003 | ChromtechInstrumentation
GC, GC/MSD, Thermal desorption
Agilent Technologies, CTC Analytics, Chromtech
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TMApplication Note SP303eDetermination of Pesticides in Drinking Water with SPDE-GC/MSIntroductionIn agriculture, pesticides are used extensivelyagainst insects, moulds and weeds. Some pesticides are suspected as endocrine disruptors. Due to the good water solubility incombination with the high persistence of somepecticide compounds...
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spde, spdepahs, pahsdrinking, drinkingbenzo, benzoextraction, extractionenriched, enrichedfluoranthene, fluoranthenepyrene, pyrenesyring, syringhot, hotwater, watergasflow, gasflowchrysen, chryseninside, insidechromtech
CHROMTECH...Application Note T401eTDAS 2000 Direct Thermal Extraction ApplicationsThe CHROMTECH TDAS 2000 thermaldesorption unit in combination with a CTCCombiPALautosamplerenablesautomated operation of up to 296 sampletubes. Volatiles and Semi-volatiles can beanalyzed either by desorption fromadsorbent filled tubes (e.g. Tenax TA,Carboxen, Carbotrap, etc.)...
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TDAS 2000 Thermal Desorption Autosampler
2006|CTC Analytics|Brochures and specifications
TDAS 2000The TDAS 2000 thermal desorption unitwas engineered and developed to work incombination with the CTC Combi PAL system.Volatile and semi-volatile organics in solid,liquid or gaseous samples can be analyzedeither by desorption from adsorbent resinfilled tubes (e.g., Tenax TA®, Carboxen®,Carbotrap®,...
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