Determination of Pesticides in Drinking Water with SPDE-GC/MS

Applications | 2003 | ChromtechInstrumentation
GC/MSD, HeadSpace
Agilent Technologies, CTC Analytics, Chromtech
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Determination of Amitraz in Honey with SPDE – GC-MS/MS
2003|Thermo Fischer Scientific|Applications
TMApplication Note SP301eDetermination of Amitraz in Honey with SPDE – GC-MS/MSMethod of the Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Sigmaringen (Hedingerstraße 2/1,72488 Sigmaringen), H. Hahn, A. Nothhelfer und S. Preuß1. Introduction:Amitraz is a wideley used non-systemic acaricideagainst mites on fruit trees because of...
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TMApplication Note SP401eAutomatic extraction and detection of PAHs in drinking water with SPDE-GC/MSIntroductionPAHs (Polyaromatic hydrocarbons) form aclass of diverse organic compounds eachcontaining two or more fused aromatic rings ofcarbon and hydrogen atoms.Most PAHs enter the environment via the atmosphere from...
Key words
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VOC Analysis according to EPA 524 using SPDE-GC/MS
|Agilent Technologies|Applications
CHROMTECH SPDE Application note 201Ten times more Headspace sensitivity – at leastHeadspace analysis of volatile compounds according to EPA 524 isroutinely used in many labs worldwide. However, this establishedmethod needs lot more analytical power since the regulatory requirements got more...
Key words
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SPDE™ The Magic Needle
2006|CTC Analytics|Brochures and specifications
SPDE™The Solid Phase Dynamic Extraction (SPDETM)option features full automation for dynamic sample extraction, desorption and analysis. Liquidand headspace samples are not only easier toanalyze, but handling is much more reliable thanwhen employing regular SPME procedures.The SPDETM technology allows you to...
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