Triple Quadrupole MS: The Methode of Choice for Complex Samples

Applications | 2008 | ChromtechInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
Agilent Technologies, CTC Analytics, Chromtech
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Application Note Evo608Evolution-GC-MS/MS: Analysis of doping confirmation compoundsThis short application note summarizesthe results of an Evolution MS/MSdemo that was held in June 2006 inIdstein, Germany.The customer supplied derivatized(TMS) urine samples to check thesensitivity and linearity for somecommonly known substances in...
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Use of MS/MS with QuEChERS Sample Extraction
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Application Note Evo610Use of MS/MS with QuEChERS Sample ExtractionThis short application discribes the use ofMS/MS in combination with a quick sampleextraction procedure that is described asQuEChERS in the literature (1).Four widely used herbicides were used asmarkers demonstrating the effective use...
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Easy Pesticide Determination at 0.01 mg/kg Level by MS/MS
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Application Note Evo802Easy Pesticide Determination at 0.01 mg/kgLevel by MS/MSINTRODUCTIONA huge number of different pesticides isbeing regularly applied in the agriculturalindustry,includinginsecticides,fungicides, herbicides, and growthregulators. Due to their differentphysicochemical behavior not all of thembut to date around 300 are amenable tothe...
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TMApplication Note SP303eDetermination of Pesticides in Drinking Water with SPDE-GC/MSIntroductionIn agriculture, pesticides are used extensivelyagainst insects, moulds and weeds. Some pesticides are suspected as endocrine disruptors. Due to the good water solubility incombination with the high persistence of somepecticide compounds...
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