Use of MS/MS with QuEChERS Sample Extraction

Applications | 2006 | ChromtechInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
Agilent Technologies, Chromtech
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Application Note Evo608Evolution-GC-MS/MS: Analysis of doping confirmation compoundsThis short application note summarizesthe results of an Evolution MS/MSdemo that was held in June 2006 inIdstein, Germany.The customer supplied derivatized(TMS) urine samples to check thesensitivity and linearity for somecommonly known substances in...
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Application Note Evo801Triple Quadrupole MS: The Methode of Choice for Complex SamplesINTRODUCTIONImproper and/or illicit use of pesticideson agricultural produce can causeunacceptable high levels of theirresidues in produce intended for humanconsumption.Worldwidethereareover800compounds currently in use, includinginsecticides, fungicides, rodenticides,herbicides and growth regulators.Food safety...
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Easy Pesticide Determination at 0.01 mg/kg Level by MS/MS
2008|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Application Note Evo802Easy Pesticide Determination at 0.01 mg/kgLevel by MS/MSINTRODUCTIONA huge number of different pesticides isbeing regularly applied in the agriculturalindustry,includinginsecticides,fungicides, herbicides, and growthregulators. Due to their differentphysicochemical behavior not all of thembut to date around 300 are amenable tothe...
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PESTiMate - MRM library– don’t reinvent the wheel!With each Evolution Triple Quadupgrade, a PESTiMate license isavailable as an option, giving you MRMdata of over 820 compounds.With PESTiMate you’ll have access to agrowing and automatically updatedMRM library of pesticides withtransitions, collision...
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