An Analytical Method Using the Zebron™ ZB-1 GC Column to Highlight the Opportunity to Resolve the Volatile Polar Sulfur Compounds in Petroleum Fuel

Applications | 2019 | PhenomenexInstrumentation
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ZebronEssentials™G C C o lu mnsHigh Quality GC Phasesfor Every GC Method• ZB-1• ZB-5• ZB-5ms• ZB-XLB• ZB-624• ZB-35• ZB-1701• ZB-1701P• ZB-50• ZB-WAX• ZB-FFAP• Z-Guard™If you aren’t using Phenomenex Zebron GC Columns,It’s Time to Upgrade Now! ™Explore Zebron EssentialsGC C o lumnsFrom...
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TN-2086APPLICATIONSRamkumar Dhandapani, Ph.D.He has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and over 15 years experiencein chromatographic method development and troubleshooting.Ramkumar loves to write poems,read Shakespeare, and attendShakespeare plays.Group-Type Analysis of Petroleum Products byGC × GC using Zebron® ZB-1HT Inferno™ andZB-50 Complementary...
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GC Method Development SpecialOptimize GC Column Selection and Save!Column selection tips and guidelines inside IntroducingPhaseSelectionthe ZebronTipsExperience™Selectivity Has the Biggest Impact on ResolutionResolution between two analytes is mainly determined by the selectivity of the stationary phase. By increasing the resolution between twocompounds,...
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ChemicalIndustryLC & GC Separation Solutions GuidePetroleum OilsCommodity andSpecialty ChemicalsCarbohydratesand SaccharidesHighpH ConditionsLowpH Conditions GreatProductscome fromGreatPeoplewith aGreatPurposeAt our core, Phenomenex is a separation science company that creates uniquetechnologies to provide solutions for our customers.In this guide you will find key separation solutions for...
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