Applications | 2003 | PhenomenexInstrumentation
GC, GC columns, Consumables
Agilent Technologies, Phenomenex
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595 North Harrison RoadBellefonte, PA 16823-0048 USATelephone 800-247-6628 ● 814-359-3441Fax 800-447-3044 ● 814-359-3044email: [email protected]/supelcoBulletin 858DPetroleum/Chemicals Application GuideThis guide contains up-to-date information aboutSupelco products and technology for separating hydrocarbons by chromatographic methods.Key Words● petroleum● PIANO● ASTM●●●chemicalsPONAPetrocol●●Detailed Hydrocarbons AnalysesNonpolar 50-Meter Capillary Column...
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Application Note8Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysesby Capillary GCQuantitative separation of the paraffin, isoparaffin, aromatic, naphthene, and olefin content of gasolines and othercomplex hydrocarbon mixtures (PNA, PONA, and PIANOanalyses) is critical for process control and product qualitytesting. Petrocol capillary GC columns were designed...
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PONA Analysis on Gasoline Fractions
GCTN-113PONA Analysis on Gasoline FractionsAlkylateNapthaFluidized Catalytic CrackingRetention Time Markers GCTN-113Instument Conditions:Column:Dimensions:Order No.:Injection:Carrier Gas:Oven Program:Detector:Zebron ZB-1100m x 0.25mm x 0.50µm7MG-G001-17Split 40:1 @ 225°C, 0.2µLHelium 22cm/sec35°C (hold 14 min) to 60°C @ 1.1°C/min(hold 19 min) to 280°C @ 2°C/min (hold 5 min)FID @...
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UST and ASTM Petrochemical StandardsYour essential resource for Agilent ULTRA chemical standards Table of contentsIntroduction3Pennsylvania – GRO and PAH22About Agilent standards3Tennessee – GRO and DRO22Products3Texas – TNRCC Method 1005, 100623Markets3Custom products3Washington – Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons(VPH) method24Quality control laboratory4Quality control validation levels4Washington...
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