ASMS 2021: Analysis of Residual Solvents in Hemp-Derived Products using Headspace Combined with Atmospheric Pressure GC/MS

Posters | 2021 | WatersInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
Agilent Technologies, Waters, CTC Analytics
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GERSTEL Application Note No. 208, 2019Quantitative Analysis of Residual Solvents in Hemp Oilby Full Evaporation Headspace Gas Chromatography/Mass SpectrometryLaurel A. Vernarelli, John R. Stuff, Jacqueline A. Whitecavage, and Fred D. FosterGERSTEL, Inc., 701 Digital Drive, Suite J, Linthicum, MD, 21090,...
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#211A Novel Analysis of Solvent Residual in Cannabis Oil UsingDynamic Headspace by PAL SystemApplication NoteCannabisAbstractAuthor:Xiaohui ZhangThis application note adopted the Full Evaporation Technique (FET) to analyzethe solvent residual, based on California Residual Solvents Category, in cannabisoil by a CDS Analytical...
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Application NoteCannabis TestingNovel Residual Solvents Analysisof Cannabinoid Products with theAgilent Headspace-GC/MS SystemAuthorsTerry Harper1,Jeffery S. Hollis1, Eric Fausett1,and Anthony Macherone1,21Agilent Technologies, Inc.2Johns Hopkins UniversitySchool of MedicineAbstractResidual solvent analysis (RSA) of cannabinoid products made available formedicinal or recreation use programs is required...
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Application NoteAnalysis of Residual Solvents in Hemp OilUsing Headspace Sampling andAtmospheric Pressure GC-MS/MSDouglas M. StevensWaters Corporation AbstractThe extraction of active compounds from hemp plant material is achieved through various processes using awide range of solvents. Because the extracts are commonly consumed...
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