Analysis of drugs of abuse and explosives by GC-MS

Applications | 2016 | Peak ScientificInstrumentation
GC/MSD, GC/SQ, Gas ganerators
Thermo Fischer Scientific, Peak Scientific
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Chromatography Technical Note No AS125Large Volume Injection of selected explosives using the GERSTEL CIS 4PTV Inlet and Agilent 5975C GC-MS.Paul H. Roberts, Dan Carrier. Anatune Ltd. Girton, Cambridgeshire.IntroductionMethodologyA large volume injection (LVI) method has been developed for the analysisof five...
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APPLICATIONGas Chromatography /Mass SpectrometryAuthors:Zachary LawtonTiffany ArbonPerkinElmer, Inc.Shelton, CTThorsten HeinleinAbacus Analytical SystemsBerlin, GermanyOn-site Screening ofExplosive Materials byPortable SPME-GC/MSand CME-GC/MSIntroductionExplosive threats are continually evolvingas terrorist groups around the globedevelop new methods for concealingand delivering homemade explosives(HME) and improvised explosive devices(IED). Frontline security...
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Fast and Direct Detection of Explosives using SICRIT®-MS
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ApplicationNoteFast and Direct Detection of Explosives using SICRIT®-MSSummary• Soft ionization of relevant explosives• Direct MS measurement of samples without chromatography• Easy automation of sampling using PAL autosampler• Adaptable to any LC-MSliquid samples (e.g swabs) at a stationary site can be...
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